Monday, September 16, 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello every one, it's here my favorite season of the year, I just love the colours of the leaves at this time of year it just makes everything so pretty, so how fitting is it that my friend Vicky has tagged me in the Autumn Tag. You can check out Vicky's blog at

 Favourite thing about Autumn?
My favorite thing about Autumn has to be the changing of the leaves from green to those lovely yellows. reds, oranges and browns. It just all looks so pretty. I also love walking through those crunchy fallen leaves, I guess my childhood love of running through them when I was younger to hear the crunchy of the leaves still remains.
Favourite drink?

I think this will be a favorite of most but it has to be hot chocolate and of course no hot chocolate is complete without some marshmallows!

Favourite scent/candle?

Vanilla...can't beat vanilla at any time of year. 

Best lipstick?

 Not big on lipsticks at the moment but loving the Catrice Pure Shine Colour lip balm in 050 Cherry-ty
Go-to moisturiser?

Currently using the Aveeno cream moisturiser its just lovely for helping with dry skin and hasn't caused any breakouts.

Go-to colour for the eyes?

 Natural shades really light and medium browns nothing to fussy.

Favourite music to listen to?

Been listening to ED Sheeran and The Orignal Rude Boys alot lately  

Favourite outfit to wear?

Skinny jeans, loose vest like top with a coloured string top underneath, cardy, lilac and white checked vans and my black and purple Superdry jacket for ventures outside.
Autumn treat?

Its probably going to be the honey bronzer from the Bodyshop

Favourite place to be?

 Home with my family or anywhere with my other half (well maybe not Old Trafford)

So who am I going to tag , anyone that reads this post :)

Thanks for tagging me Vicky!

Talk to you all again soon :)

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