Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cocoa Brown fake tan review

So considering the lovely weather we're having my usual cheat of nude tights to take the blue hue from my extremely pale legs was not going to do for a wedding I was going to so I opted to fake it up. Since the last few times I used my go to fake tan (L'oreal sublime bronze tanning gel) had left me with a colour I wasn't happy with and a sticky residue even after showering I decided to opt for something new. Having seen the adds for Cocoa brown on the Irish fashion and beauty show Exposé I thought I would give it a try. 
On a shopping trip with my mother in Penny's(The Irish version of the UK's Primark) I noticed the Cocoa brown display. Seeing as the tan was only €6 myself and my mother thought it was worth getting to try it out and if it was a dud at least it wasn't to expensive. The packaging for Cocoa Brown is a very girly pink and although I'm not a fan of pink I did like the packaging. 

So now onto the tan, this tan is unique in that it takes just one hour to develop! You can leave the tan on for up to 3 hours before washing off for a deeper tan but after the 3 hours the tan does stop developing. After one hour the tan leaves a light natural glow, two hours provides a nice medium natural looking tan and three hours provides a natural looking dark tan. For an even darker tan you can reapply the tan the following day. The tan lasts for 5 days on the 6th and 7th day it's recommended you use an oil based moisturiser to help break down the tan and you are ready to reapply on the 8th day. As with all tans it's recommended to exfoliate a couple of days prior to application to reduce the chances of an uneven tan occurring. The tan is a mousse formula and has a pleasant sent. The application was very easy and the guide colour helps ensure you leave no patches without tan. The tan absorbs quite quickly which I liked and it leaves no sticky residue behind which I was really impressed with as I hate the sticky residue some tans leave behind. 
I left the tan on for two hours and was extremely impressed with the colour. The tan was perfect no streakiness and none of the tell tale signs of a fake tan around the ankles, knees or elbows. As you can see from the picture comparison below the tan really was an improvement on my naturally pale ghost like skin. 

All in all I love this tan it wore off evenly and didn't dry my skin out. I will definitely be using it again, not only is it great but its also an Irish product and I recommend any of you to try it out. 
The tan is available in pharmacies across Ireland as well as Penny's stores. As far as I am aware in the UK Primark is stocking this tan. 
I hope you enjoyed my review of this tan :) 


  1. Yay you started a blog. Great review and great to see Irish products being reviewed. Keep it up lovely lady xx

  2. Hi Ashling, Great review! Could you forward me on your postal address? Its stephanie@cocoabrown.ie. Thanks a million XO

    1. Yeh no problem.Thanks for reading, my review :)